Only water softeners soften water. Don’t be fooled by magnets and magic beads!

Many companies promote salt free devices as an alternative to traditional water softeners.  While the concept is a nice one, laboratory tests by independent third parties suggest that these products do not deliver these benefits of soft water:

  • Brighter laundry
  • Softer skin
  • Reduction of water spots on glasses and shower doors
  • True soft water

Magnet based devices also claim to reduce scale and calcium build up in pipes and water based appliances.  Third party research has consistently concluded that these products do not work in all water conditions nor in a consistent predictable way.



Don’t just believe us, believe the Independent Third Party Researchers!

34 separate report papers indicate that physical water treatment does not work in a consistent and predictable way.

Title: WQA Magnetics Task Force

Army Corp of Engineers tested two magnetic (Descal-A-Matic and Aqua Magnetic) and one electronic device (Ener Tec) in 2001. The findings do not support the claims of the manufacturers regarding the ability of their respective devices prevent mineral scale formation in hot potable water systems.

 Title: Demonstration and Evaluation of Magnetic Descalers

WQA determined no performance test standard for Physical Treatment Devices exists in the US for “Salt Free” devices

 Title: WQA Consumer Alert

Penn State University states there is virtually no valid scientific data to support any water treatment benefit from magnetic devices. Companies use testimonials from “hundreds of satisfied customers” to support their claims.

 Title: Magnetic Water Treatment Devices

Purdue University tested 6 unidentified magnetic water conditioning devices and compared them to untreated water. Testing lasted for 240 days. No beneficial effect was seen for the magnetic treatment devices.

 Title: Quantitative Assessment of the Effectiveness of Permanent Magnetic Water Conditioner Devices

South Dakota Magnet School of Mines & Technology tested two different classes of magnetic water treatment devices. Measurements included boiling point depression, surface tension, water conductivity and “scaling Rate”. No difference seen between raw water and magnets.

 Title: Performance of Permanent Magnet Type Water Treatment Device